New Passion???

It’s been too long. I mean I’m still stuck on exactly what this blog should be about. Probably the reason I’ve not written in ages. I started my Spanish experience and I sorta gave up coz well, I didn’t feel like writing about it anymore. Don’t get me wrong. It was a wonderful experience but there were also not so great times which I’m finding difficulty in writing about.

Well I’ve found a new passion, I think. Cooking. Ok it’s not exactly new but I didn’t really see it as something special till I started posting pictures about things I’ve made and people were impressed. I guess I’ve always loved cooking. Yunno in romantic comedies when besties are in love but they don’t know till something major happens then they’re like oh I love you! Well Yh, I think that’s what happened.

I started posting things I’ve made whiles in Spain. If I remember correctly, it was onion rings. I loved them growing up. Those ones are not made with onions, just flour and onion flavoring but still. I like onions in general so it makes sense. So yes, I looked up the recipe on the internet and I made it. I was so excited and thankfully it came out well. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture anymore, however I made it again when I came back home…

It’s really easy to make actually. I found this recipe on YouTube. Again, unfortunately I can’t find the link to this particular recipe but here’s a link to pretty easy and straightforward recipe

Tip : for extra crunch you can coat with crushed cornflakes or flour chips.

So I guess this is it. I’m not gonna promise anything but I’ll try my very best to be consistent in posting. Just pray for me🙏🏾.

I hope you enjoyed it

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The Spanish Experience III


First of all I apologize for the delay. I have so much to talk about and I don’t know where to begin.

Ok so for some time now friends have been asking about what I liked most about Zaragoza, and I used to say the people I met, school , blah blah . But one day I was thinking about how it will be to come back to Ghana and I realised those things weren’t what I liked most.

What I liked most was the freedom. If you know me well, you’ll realise I’m happiest when I’m alone. I like to do a lot of things by myself. But now that I was returning I wouldn’t get that because I’ll have my mom telling me to do this and that and not just that but I’ll have to do it her way. My dad forcing me to leave my room. I won’t have the freedom to eat at any time because I have to think of my younger sisters and I’ll probably have to change my diet entirely😢. So yes I really enjoyed that freedom even without realising it. I could eat one meal the whole day. I could just decide to start a new facial routine without my mom asking 1001 questions. No one to ask why I blend biscuits into my cocoa drink or why I’m going out to eat alone. Now I even have people asking why I wear four rings on my fingers😑( shadout to Nathan).

I enjoyed the freedom I had in Spain and now i have to watch it go away😭😭.

I know its short and some people will beat me for it ( Hola Enimil). But it is what it is.

Thanks for reading


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The Spanish Experience II

The Apartment Search
So we had been searching for an apartment some months before coming. We got one but had to let it go because well… we were indecisive. I mean 3 girls having to make a decision lol. We also encountered some racist Spaniards who refused to give out their apartments to black people.😐 Fortunately I got to Spain before my friends and I had a Ghanaian friend living in Spain so I made arrangements to live with him till I find an apartment. I had another friend who was helping us with the search. So I got to Spain on the 12th of September, 2017. My friend took me home and the next day we went to see the other friend to continue the search.
There I met some of my other student friends from Ghana who were also in the soup. They had contacted an agency and had found an apartment. The problem was it was a 4 bedroom apartment and they had to pay 800 euros a month. First of all they were 3. Secondly they had to pay a deposit of 800 euros just in case they spoil something in the house and they had to pay the agency another 800 euros for their services. So in all they had to pay 2400euros. You see when you leave your country for the first time eh you suddenly become a math whiz. You convert everything. 2400 euros is about 13000Gh cedis. Each person was going to pay 800 euros 😂😂. So we decided that I was going to join them and my friends who were yet to come will join us when they get there. So in the end 2400 was going to be shared among 6 girls instead of 3.
We went to look at the apartment and it was niiiice😍😍. So it actually made sense because usually 4 bedrooom apartments go for 600 euros. But here comes the bigger problem. We couldn’t tell the owners and the agency we were 6 instead of 4. And we had to sign a contract😓. Everything too was in Spanish and well as lazy as we are, no one was willing to read and translate. We didn’t know whether there was a penalty if more people came to live in the house. So we signed it like that and just hoped we were never caught☺.
The apartment was actually the nicest apartment if you made a comparison among the other apartments our other friends got and we ended up paying less than our other friends. For some strange reason too our utility bill was a lot less than our other friends’ eventhough we were a lot sharing the apartment.
So yeah, it wasn’t so bad after all. the apartment was close to the University and the city centre which was a good thing. We moved in on the 15th of September 2017 and the Spanish Adventure began for us😅.

Thanks for reading.

Hope you enjoyed it. There is more to come.

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My friends have been bugging for months to write about my year abroad( heloo Enimil😁). I’ve giving so many excuses but today here goes.
I’ve never sat in an aeroplane, truth is I’ve never even been outside Ghana. Even in Ghana I’ve only been to the Eastern Region because that’s where I attended high school. I live in Accra by the way.
So on the 10th of September 2017 I left Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana to Adolfo Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain, well to the Istanbul Airport first because that’s where I transitted. I was nervous. I was travelling alone and I was going to live in a strange land with a strange language for almost a year without my family. At some points of the journey I almost cried, I had so many “what ifs” without answers. The longest I’ve been away from home was 3 months which was in high school and even that I saw my family every second sunday of the month ( they never ever missed visiting). In Uni, I was home almost every weekend because, well my mom said I should🙇. So you get the picture, almost a year without my parents and siblings and my close friends , I knew it was going to be tough and trust me, tough it was but thats a story for another day.
My journey was almost uneventful, except my flight was delayed for almost an hour but I didn’t get lost at any of the airports like some people said I would😒. So I got Madrid but that wasn’t my final destination. My final destination was Zaragoza. Seeing that my plane was going to land late, my mom decided it was better to go to Zaragoza by train instead of bus. So I had to find my way to the train as it was located nowhere near the Madrid Airport. At this point I knew I needed God’s help cos chale my Spanish eh…all comments reserved😂. But by God’s grace I met a couple who actually understood my broken Spanish and were headed to the train station as well. So I followed them and took a bus to the train station. I waited for my train and when I got to Zaragoza, a friend met me and sent me home. In all honesty my journey wasn’t as stressful as I expected it to be. Mostly because I prayed every time it seemed there was going to be a problem and my advice is to all is to travel as light as possible especially if you’re travelling alone. I took one big suitcase, one small suitcase and a backpack and I’m glad I did because I know people who came with two big suitcases, a carry on and a backpack. I honestly don’t know how I would have managed that with my small frame, especially with the journey from the airport to the train station.
So I got to Zaragoza and my friend and his wife took me home because… well i didn’t have an apartment and school was reopening the next week and I needed to get one, settle in before school reopens. My friends and I started searching months before coming and we still hadn’t found one and some of our parents didn’t even know we were homeless in this strange land. We told them our half truths and continued the search till we found the perfect one… or so we thought😐…
To be continued…


Hope you liked it.

There is more to come.

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What will people think?


What will people think? What will people say? How many times have these questions prevented us from doing something we really like, being who we really are? Too many times, i’ll say. No one is perfect and no one can be perfect. We increase our imperfections by trying too hard. The only one who has a say in our lives, in the decisions we make is God not society or friends or even family. God is the only one who is perfect, society isn’t, neither are our friends or family so why would you beat yourself to be perfect for them. Its a total waste of time cos trust me they really don’t care. If you want to be perfect for someone, you can be perfect for God. He is the only one who should matter in our lives. He should come first. Be who you are, don’t change yourself to please others because you can’t. Society, friends, family will always have an issue with you. Dream your dreams, like whatever you want. Be 100% truly, deeply, strangely and passionately you but remember God is the centre.


Hasta Luego



  • “The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.”
  • “One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you.”


Proverbs 29:25 It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you, but if you trust the Lord, you are safe.






Qué voy a ser?


What will I be? I guess we’ve been asking ourselves this question since we were young.  Well at least I know I have. I’ve been through the doctor phase too lol. But chale, science has never been my thing. I mean in high school my longest naps were in Chemistry class.

For sometime now when I am asked what I want to be I would say a lawyer or diplomat or maybe something to do with languages. But to be honest I think it’s because they are prestigious. I’ve always wanted to be a VIP lol. But yesterday in Spanish my lecturer asked us what we want to be in future and I wrote a list of things. As I read through the list I just asked myself a simple question… “which of these is truly me?”


So yes I like food. Food excites me lol. If my mom reads this she’ll be shocked, then happy, then confused. Growing up food was my enemy. She used to literally force it down my throat and just when she thinks she has accomplished the impossible, I will throw up.

Then I grew up and well there wasn’t much she could do so she settled on Multivitamins which didn’t work lol. I think she gave up at some point. But I don’t even remember when I developed this love for food.  The thing is I still dont eat much. I guess the difference now is I like what I eat. So if you tell my mom I like food, trust me she will laugh in your face. She still complains that I don’t eat enough.

Anyway, So yes, I like food, I like making them and eating them. I like sharing pictures of what I eat. So in class when Sonia (my lecturer) asked us the question, I was like won’t it be cool to make a job out this. Its something I truly love and probably defines me…idk.

First of all, I want to be a “catadora”. I’m not going to translate it, you all have google. I want to be a “fotoperiodista de comida” and a “viajera”. So these three and maybe a “traductora” para ganar dinero.  So yes, that’s it. Thinking about it gets me so excited. My future is going be fuuuuuuun lol. My only wish now is that it’s in line with the purpose God has for me.

Before you settle on a job or a career path, ask yourself ” Is this me?” “Do I like it?” “Is it in line with the purpose God has for me?”

We can’t change the past but we have the power to create a great future.

Thanks For reading


Que tenga un buen fin de semana!