New Passion???

It’s been too long. I mean I’m still stuck on exactly what this blog should be about. Probably the reason I’ve not written in ages. I started my Spanish experience and I sorta gave up coz well, I didn’t feel like writing about it anymore. Don’t get me wrong. It was a wonderful experience but there were also not so great times which I’m finding difficulty in writing about.

Well I’ve found a new passion, I think. Cooking. Ok it’s not exactly new but I didn’t really see it as something special till I started posting pictures about things I’ve made and people were impressed. I guess I’ve always loved cooking. Yunno in romantic comedies when besties are in love but they don’t know till something major happens then they’re like oh I love you! Well Yh, I think that’s what happened.

I started posting things I’ve made whiles in Spain. If I remember correctly, it was onion rings. I loved them growing up. Those ones are not made with onions, just flour and onion flavoring but still. I like onions in general so it makes sense. So yes, I looked up the recipe on the internet and I made it. I was so excited and thankfully it came out well. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture anymore, however I made it again when I came back home…

It’s really easy to make actually. I found this recipe on YouTube. Again, unfortunately I can’t find the link to this particular recipe but here’s a link to pretty easy and straightforward recipe

Tip : for extra crunch you can coat with crushed cornflakes or flour chips.

So I guess this is it. I’m not gonna promise anything but I’ll try my very best to be consistent in posting. Just pray for mešŸ™šŸ¾.

I hope you enjoyed it

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